Cyber fashion - be freak of the party

As i'm trying to present as many as possible subculture stylings today I've decided that it's time for one extreme fashion - CYBER... Cyber  style incorporates extravagant hair pieces and styles, including synthetic dread locks, cyberlox, extensions and so on. These hair pieces can be made of a variety of materials, from real hair to synthetic kankelon hair to plastic tubing, rubber and foam and are often accented with goggles. Cyber fashion combines rave, rivethead, and goth fashion, as well as drawing inspiration from cyberpunk and other forms of science fiction. Androgyny is common. The style features one starkly contrasting bright or neon-reactive theme colour, such as red, blue, neon green, chrome, or pink. Just look at it:

Well, the song here is actually industrial, but cyber style origins from industrial mixed with rave and techno,so..  I like that group Dulce Liquido, you can check them out in youtube or download from Soulseek.





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