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I promised to write more about Lolita styling in fashion that originated in Japan. There are many kinds or modern Lolitas nowadays,so we need to know the major elements which consists one Lolita look. A Lolita outfit is composed of basic key elements. These can be broken down into: headwear, blouse, bell-shaped skirt, undergarment, legs, and footwear. Each element is essential in creating the proper Lolita aesthetic, but as you will see, there is much room for variety within them. Although none of these can be called absolute necessities, remember that coordinating a Lolita outfit is a bit like making a cake. You can take away or replace a couple of ingredients, but if you take away the butter, the sugar, and the milk, it just stops being cake.

Gothic Lolita outfit like all Lolita styles, is very modest in today's standards. As with other Lolita styles a Gothic Lolita outfit can usually be recognized by the bell-shaped skirt, and puff-sleeves. A Gothic Lolita outfit is usually comprised of black or rich dark colors such as burgundy, purple and navy.






Sweet Lolita  is the most over-the-top style and includes aesthetics nearly exclusive to lolita. It is also the most child-like of the Lolita styles, using many bows, ruffles and light colors to make up an outfit. The most common colors used in a Sweet Lolita outfit are pink, white, and powder blue, but an outfit can be made with nearly any pastel or plaid.








Hime Lolita or 'Princess Lolita,' is a very elegant style of Lolita that often involves miniature crowns, tiaras, and extravagant or large hair, and dresses. Because Hime Lolita does reflect a sense of royalty, and class, it is hard to pull this style off unless you are very well preened, and have done your best to look 'Princess-like.




Shiro Lolita or 'White Lolita,' is a Lolita outfit made entirely of white/cream/off-white co-ordinates. Shiro Lolita can be taken from any style of lolita, whether it be Gothic, Sweet or Classic, if the co-ordination is completely white then it is accepted as Shiro Lolita. PLEASE NOTE: Wearing black shoes with a Shiro Lolita outfit looks terrible and is best to be avoided.






Kuro Lolita or 'Black Lolita,' like Shiro Lolita, is an outfit made-up of co-ordinates of one colour, in this case; black.




Classic Lolita  is the tamest of all the Lolita styles as many Classic dresses could pass for a garden party, church or summer dress. Unlike Sweet Lolita that is about looking cute, Classic Lolita is about looking classy, and harks back to Lolita fashion's roots in Victorian fashion, taking inspiration from the floral patterns, and the sense of elegance of the era; bold colors aren't normally found in Classic Lolita clothing.




Country Lolita is derived from the Sweet Lolita style, and is often a little hard to distinguish due to the use of the same sweet patterns, and motifs that the Sweet Lolita style uses. How-ever the Country Lolita style can be recognised by straw baskets, hats, fruit, and gingham patterns.





Sailor Lolita  is a very nautical-themed style of Lolita that is very much inspired by Japanese Sailor-styled uniforms.





Wa Lolita is a style that is often recognised by the Kimono-esque look of the outfits, and is for those Lolitas who may love to get in-touch with the country that brought about Lolita fashion.





Guro Lolita or 'Gore Lolita' is exactly like the name sounds, gory. How gory is always up to you, and can range from anything to some bandages, a sling, or some blood splatters on your clothing.






Punk Lolita  comes generally in two forms, first is an outfit that conforms to the general shape of lolita, a bell shape knee length skirt (or a bit shorter for this style) but without as many clean lines as the other styles. Accessories and fabric choice are very important to this style: deconstructed fabrics and fishnets are a good choice, as are chains and studs. Also layering is key to this style! 




Ero Lolita or 'Erotic Lolita,' does sound that it may be a little less modest, and a little more tongue-in-cheek this style does not involve suddenly being naked, and wearing only an Alice-bow. This style contains more fetish elements such as leather, collars, and corsets that one may not be able to pull-off in any other Lolita style while still maintaining a fair amount of modesty. Skirts for this style may be a little shorter than usual, but nothing overly provocative. 





Kodona this style can be either laid back or very extravagant. Usually the people in this style are actually women and not men, but either can dress it. The men sometimes refer to themselves in this style as 'Dandy'. Sometimes this style has feminine touches, such as more feminine shoes and accessories.







Aristocrat  This style is a lot more mature than Lolita in general. It has a lot in common with the western 'Romantic Gothic'. In general, there are no cutesy motifs (prints, lace, over-abundance of frills, bows, etc). Skirts are often worn long, although sometimes they can be shorter, especially in the hotter months. High corseted waists on skirts is common, so are actual corsets (all types). Fitted jackets with tail coats are popular, so are frilly shirts (and cravats), top hats, veils, etc. 





SamuraiRony | June 23, 2011 at 12:09 AM

esses estilos são pura cultura japonesa!
e os mais legais!

Ixnay | September 15, 2012 at 10:48 PM

Sim , adoro tmb :))

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