Trends of summer 2011 - the NO group

Let's continue now with the NO group of trends for this season. I've already showed you my YES ones, which I like and wear. The things that I'll put in negative positions are here due to : 
1. Lack of good vision 
2. Shape that makes people look fat, short, funny, etc. 
Here they are - summer trends that are trendy, but you'd better not wear them, because you might become a fashion victim. 

Maxi dress see through

Well....There's no need of much explanation why this is a big NO. It's obviuos. more

ok. Let's speak about this trend. Why must be long when it's visible? Isn't it much better, if you want somebody to see your legs, just to put a short skirt? Than with that lenght and that transperant material the dresses really look like my grandma nightdress. The fashion of underskirts is passed long ago. Why should we wear now our petticoats proudly on the street pretending that this is cool. It is not,, it looks cheap, smells of a public house and when you see a woman dressed like that, you'd rather think that there was an earthquake while she was sleeping. That's why she is on the street with her nightdress.
Also it is unpractical. Your panties are always in sight. If you put leggings underneath it'll look ridiculous too.  


I have mixed feelings about the pleats. I don't like them because they remind me of school uniforms. I'm talking about the little straight pleats. They have something nasty that irratates me when I see them. Maybe their order like soldiers and their starchy look reminds me too much of the ex-socialist regime in my country. For people of other countries this association may seem strange, but everybody from the ex-east block will understand what I mean. Also that lenght just under the knee... I hate it. Long or short, but this.. this makes your body look fat in the ass. When I see a lady in that form of skirt I'm always thinking "Oh, maybe she has some problem zones around the hips and can't wear something more stylish". Yeah, plates combined with under knee lenght looks like a ragbag. Sorry ladies -it's not hippie, it's not rebel, it's not streety, preppy or whatever you call it. It's just a ragbag
There are pleats that are large, negligee and have bohemian spirit. They are used in dresses with interesting shapes, in skirts with transperent layer, etc.Those pleats I like and find attractive.They have nothing to do with order and uniform.

Bell bottoms 
Again I'm not against all bell bottomed pants. For example I've put in the YES group the wide leg pants which are also bell-bottomed, but they have completely different look than this thing here. I totally disagree that those bells, begining from the knee are nice. They just look funny, and non sense. Why bells in the end? They don't contribute for the whole siluet, but rather spoil it. Jeans with that form were very modern in the late 90s and now they are coming back again. Oh, NO! 

And some examples of bell bottomed pants that are nice:

Capri/Cropped Pants
I explaned in my first post which types of cropped pants seem nice to me.Here I represent the wrong kind . It's possible, to mistake the modern capri pants with the ugly market falsies. Usually they are worn by a low-class people, working at the street or selling food on the beach.
Yeah, I'm talking about these ones. I know that for a person, with well-trained eye in fashion and good stuff, it's impossible to mistake the true one with the market falsie. But... Jennifer Lopes has gone to shopping with eyes wide shut. And remember, the falsies are shorter than originals. They are NOT in trend. They are one of the cheap evergreens that surround us in the street markets.

Cat eye and round glasses
Did I mention that I hate 70s? Well, I say it now - I hate 70s hippie style with tiny round glasses, bell-bottomed pants, long uncut hairs and wide blouses which hide everything feminine and look like taken from a trash basket. 
These glasses..never on me. They makes people look like a geeks from a cartoon movie. So idiotic.
I still wear my Ray-Ban classic glasses and big biiig insect glasses. I have to make a post about my collection of sunglasses, cause I'm a freak about them.

Kitten Heels
Why not kitten heels? I can't give a good explanation, but I can only say that in my eyes the are UGLY. Why you have to walk on that thin little unstable heel? You risk to twist your leg so badly while walking. If you want low shoes than just, wear balerines. If you want heels, buy real ones. It's easy. Well, yeah, there are those people that are always hard to decide. "Mmm what I want? A flatty or magnificent high heel...Ah, there something that will stop that horrible thinkig - a shoe which is not high heeled, but which is not flat too." And with that sharp noses,,awww like a witch. Just grab a broom and you're ready for helloween.

Belt Purse

I like this trend. It's practical and may look good. I put it in NO group for the reason I put cropped pants here. There are too many false purses which look really nasty and have become a symbol of street sellers and sweaty beach walking people offering lemonade. Also, for some people, it is hard to combine with clothes. You have to be talanted and educated to know when, how, and with what outfit to usethese purses. This picture here is from a fashion site, yes, but still I don't find it ok, that combination.
The dress is light, feminine and baaaaaaam one black purse which is too sporty and too masculine for all that tenderness. It doesn't match.
And the opposite occasion. Well-balanced, with color (lipstick), matching the style of the pants (safari-like), stylish purse.

Good combinations too.

Avoid this:


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