Be a prom queen

As the proms are here already. I desided to post some beautiful evening dresses. Most of the teens here are obssesed with the wedding-cake look, lots of make-up, artificial tan, sparkling fondation and a lot of skin showing. I won't post pictures of those fashion mistakes. Everybody can imagine one. Firstly I want to represent you two designers who are popular overseas, ( in Hollywood), and have made evening dresses that are stylish, interesting and perfect for a luxurous night.

Badgley & Mischka

My attention was attracted by another American designer - Dennis Basso. He started his career in 1983 and became America's premier couture fur designers. He sits on the boards of the Children’s Hearing Institute and the Boy’s Towns of Italy Foundation. Supporter of the American Cancer Society, The G&P Foundation for Cancer Research, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New Yorkers for Children, and the Alzheimer’s Association, which gave him the Humanitarian man of the Year Award in 2005. Here some of his works that will definetely make you win the prom queen award.

Enough with the classy propositions. Now it's time for something colorful, for wild girls that want to be seen from a far distance. Of course Dior (more accurately John Galliano as a creative director) has that unique style, so delicate, mystirious, gentle with vivid colors. This is what I would prefer if I had a prom this spring. I'm totally in love with that clothes, they are absolutely my taste.

Enough with Dior. It could be endless. I just like everything.  I've searched through so many web sites proposing prom dresses, but I didn't like anything. They are all the same, and always made of that silky-looking artificial materials. It's really hard to buy good product, so it's much better if you buy the materials and go to a good sartor.


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