Katy Perry californian girls - Candy fashion

There are those clothes that when you look at them and you just want to taste them. And you are sure that they will taste as candy. Images from fairy tales, images like in Katy Perry video for California Girls. I'll all that sweety, pinky pin-ups CANDY FASHION , or sweet fashion suits as well :P

Here it is the collection of candy gals, sexy ass hell and sweet as sugar. Creator of this fantastic foto session is New York Couture. Brilliant work with hairs, amazing styling. 10 thunms up for the people behind that project. Totally beautiful !!!

for more sugar images click here

Enough with candy girls for today. I'll continue the search for sugar tomorrow and I'll present you my new collection of images.


Khryz Acho | January 8, 2014 at 10:47 PM

Thats my love @JeffreeStar and @KhryzAcho

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