Gareth Pugh - one can be genious only if he's DARK

I love the opposites. That's why I jump from completely colorful and kitsch motives to dark, morbid, freaky ambient. Honestly the dark side in me is a little bit bigger than the bright. So if I must shoose only one style for my wardrobe and somebody is holding a gun against my head,,,, I will sacrifice the colors and I'll serve to the dark side. My mood is like this too. I'm never in the middle. Always very angry and unsatisfied or just positives and flying in clouds. That's why I hate grey people. Well, most of them are. Sadly. My city is quiet grey too. Boring, no movement, same old stories day after day. I created my web place and here I accept only noticable human beings. If the end of the world is coming those will be the persons that I want to survive. People from photos here, creators, etc. 
My next "star" is one young and very tallanted designer - Gareth Pugh. His creations can easily be mistaken with those of McQueen. Of course I'm deeply in love of his masterpieces, but I think that he is famous enough to write and show his works. Everybody knows him. But few people have heard of Pugh. He is born in 1981 in England, but currently works and lives in France. 
At 14, Pugh began working as a costume designer for the National Youth Theatre. He started his fashion education at City of Sunderland College and finished his degree in Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins in 2003. He interned with Rick Owens in Paris. His final collection at St. Martins, which used balloons to accentuate models' joints and limbs (a technique that would become one of his trademarks), attracted that attention of the senior fashion editor of Dazed & Confused magazine, who placed one of his designs on the magazine's cover shortly thereafter.Pugh was selected to participate in British reality show The Fashion House two months after his graduation, which he would later call "horrible" and his "only other option [to being on] the dole."The rise of !WOWOW!, a feature in Dazed & Confused, and a debut show at London club Kashpoint's Alternative Fashion Week brought Pugh to the attention of Fashion East "London's breeding ground for cutting-edge new talent," leading them to invite Pugh to participate in its Autumn 2005 group show. Pugh had only four weeks, with no studio, no assistants, and little money, to create the collection.His collection ended up a critical success and attracted significant attention to his designs.
Pugh's solo premiere was in London's Fall 2006 fashion week. describes Pugh as the "latest addition to a long tradition of fashion-as-performance-art that stretches back through Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, and Vivienne Westwood to the eighties club culture of Leigh Bowery." (Pugh, however, dismisses frequent Bowery comparisons as "lazy journalism.") Klaus Nomi has also been suggested as an influence on Pugh. Pugh's collections are autobiographical rather than referential, and draw inspiration from Britain's extreme club scene.Pugh's trademark is his experimentation with form and volume.He often uses "nonsensically shaped, wearable sculptures" to "distort[] the human body almost beyond recognition."Elements in his designs include PVC inflated into voluminous coats, black and white patchwork squares, Perspex discs linked like chain mail, and shiny latex masks and leggings; he has used materials including mink, parachute silk, foam footballs, afro-weave synthetic hair, and electrically charged plastic in his clothing. Pugh describes his designs as being "about the struggle between lightness and darkness."

Let me introduce you Gareth Pugh himself:

And his morbid humans:






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