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And if you want you can vote for this t-shirt :))

By clicking "Like" under the picture in that link. I don't know for what is all about , was envolved in this unvoluntary and without me knowing the rules of this contest. I have my rules never to took part in not serious events such as facebook voting , but nobody told me that. Well, as I'm "proud" competitor for that funny Benetton contest if anybody wants to support feel free to give your "like"

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One Spannish girl

Fortunatelly I managed to visit Toled and Madrid just for 5 days but the inpressions were good, also the weather did . This was the last time this year that I wore my sandals and dress. I will miss you my darlings for the next 4 months :(((

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Jonak, Paris
Coat: Zara
Golden Top : Oviesse
Crocodile belt: Mango
Bag: Springfield

And my favourite gladiator sandals that I bought last summer from Lisbon. Love them!!!

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Me and my parrot

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Trash lights

Well, one kind of grunge style photosession. Reminds me of some ugly streets in the neighbourhoods of misery. Nevermind the photos are took just in one bungaloo near the seaside, the atmosphere occured to be strange, so I called that styling - trash lights,,, as there is always a little hope and light at the end of the tunnel. I think the song has the mood and The Whip is one the bands I respect with all my heart.

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Last days of summer

Well, as summer is long ago past, I'm still downloading from my camera some photos from the warm days. I have really a lot of work to do in my university and zero time for computer entartaining like this :((( So I'm really sad that I connot be completely envolved with my blog here. But anyways, I'm still alive and kicking and I want to present some of my last summer outfits and then I'll continue with thw winter trends. So take a big glass of Mohito and enjoy the last sun sparkles from September and Octomber.

This is my black and white square retro dress which I found in one second hand store near my neighbourhood, and I love it .