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And if you want you can vote for this t-shirt :))

By clicking "Like" under the picture in that link. I don't know for what is all about , was envolved in this unvoluntary and without me knowing the rules of this contest. I have my rules never to took part in not serious events such as facebook voting , but nobody told me that. Well, as I'm "proud" competitor for that funny Benetton contest if anybody wants to support feel free to give your "like"

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One Spannish girl

Fortunatelly I managed to visit Toled and Madrid just for 5 days but the inpressions were good, also the weather did . This was the last time this year that I wore my sandals and dress. I will miss you my darlings for the next 4 months :(((

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Jonak, Paris
Coat: Zara
Golden Top : Oviesse
Crocodile belt: Mango
Bag: Springfield

And my favourite gladiator sandals that I bought last summer from Lisbon. Love them!!!

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Me and my parrot

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Trash lights

Well, one kind of grunge style photosession. Reminds me of some ugly streets in the neighbourhoods of misery. Nevermind the photos are took just in one bungaloo near the seaside, the atmosphere occured to be strange, so I called that styling - trash lights,,, as there is always a little hope and light at the end of the tunnel. I think the song has the mood and The Whip is one the bands I respect with all my heart.

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Last days of summer

Well, as summer is long ago past, I'm still downloading from my camera some photos from the warm days. I have really a lot of work to do in my university and zero time for computer entartaining like this :((( So I'm really sad that I connot be completely envolved with my blog here. But anyways, I'm still alive and kicking and I want to present some of my last summer outfits and then I'll continue with thw winter trends. So take a big glass of Mohito and enjoy the last sun sparkles from September and Octomber.

This is my black and white square retro dress which I found in one second hand store near my neighbourhood, and I love it .

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Faces of fashion - Asen Asenov

So I was about to continue my rubric "Facebook hunt for pictures", but I realized that I have friends who are so artistic and unique and have so many classy pictures that they deserve their own representation. So from now on, there won't be anymore hunting. There will be FACES OF FASHION. 
I'll star representing my fashionable facebook friends in alphabetical order. So the first one is a boy named Asen Asenov. He is a really good beginning, because he not only has taste and has posted quality fashion photos, but he is also a  young fashion designer. 
A little info about him - Asen is living the Bulgarian town of Targovishte and he is only 18 years old. He became interested in fashion in his early teens and lately this has become his long live dream. Now his last creation - a dress made of hair - is included in photosession with a popular Bulgarian model Svetlana Vasileva.  

This is what Asen says about art and fashion:

"When you live in a grey world like this, you always search something different, and that different thing is my imagination. Imagination is the key to the unsual . You can be everybody, everywhere in every moment."

So I'll present Asen with photos of him , that represent very well his personal style of clothing. Enjoy this young stylish artist and some of his creations :)




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People of the streets - Sofia

Sometimes when I walk and I'm feeling bored of just walking I make photos of the people on the streets. So I made a brief selection of more interesting girls that I have pictured with my camera. I tried to capture a little of the street spirit of my city Sofia. Here you can see the mood of one sunny spring day spent outdoors. 

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Flower child - hippie styleee

As I said before I hated hippie style, but it's so in fashion this summer that I had to try it out. And surprise it suits me a lot. Maybe I have one little hidden flower child deep inside me .So this is the result of my 70s transformation :

Hat - ZARA
Necklace - Terranova
Top - Kenvelo
Belt - Bershka
Skirt - My aunt's wardrobe
Shoes - Jonak

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PAUSE JEANS , Bulgaria

I found one interesting Bulgarian boutique near my home. Its name is Pause Jeans and the offer some extravagant clothes out there. The ones that picked my eye were these skinny jeans with some rocker's attributes on the legs. Also I like a lot the top - it's a police vest ! This outfit reminds me of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider game. So if you are ready for fight and adventure in the city jungle this is the right wear :) 

Also I want to show you some of the other models of Pause Jeans which I find interesting:


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Rave me hard

Inspired by the nu rave fashion that I wrote about I decided to see myself dressed in that style. Well, I liked it on me, but I'm not sure that I'll cross the streets dressed like that. Surely for the next techno party I'll put something pink on me :)

T-shirt - Kooples
Skirt - Rip Curl
Jacket - Gaudi
Belt - Bershka
Ring - H&M
Sunglasses - Tally Weijl
Necklace - Parisian boutique
Earrings - handmade by Joana Bogdanova

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It's a frog situation

My fresh green panties and black and white stripes was a really nice combination for a beer in the local park. I love the pinky platform shoes bought from a kinky boutique in Paris. I've bought them 3 years ago , but they are still in fashion and probably will be in style for a couple of more summers.

Pants - Barshka
Belt - Oviesse
Shoes, Blouse - Unknown
Handbag - Rip Curl

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Cute flowers

As I'm on the flower wave this is my next outfit. I made just one photo of it because I was in hurry. The bad thing about shooting my everyday style is that usually I spend about an hour dressing up and making my makeup, and if I had to spend time on photos before going out this will make whole 2 hours for preparing my going out. :((( Imagine if this is happening in the morning. Also I'm still shooting everything with my amateur camera, so called "soup box". So the pictures are really bad quality. I'm trying to improve them with Photoshop and adding some vintage effects on them. Cause the bad quality looks good and arty only if it is in vintage style. I hope you'll like them and appreciate their "old school" look till I buy a professional camera.

Pants, T-shirt - ZARA
Belt - Stradivarius
Shoes - Kowalski
Necklace - handmade, bought from Tunis
Coat - Unknown unique model

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I'm back :))))

Well it's been two months since I last posted, but I hope from this day this won't happen again. So I had an important task in my life. I came back to my country from France and I had to to continue my study in fashion in a new university here in Bulgaria. So I had a hard time doing lots of lessons and exams and "voila". I'm a proud student in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia.

After I had a deserved vacantion on the seaside I'm back in the routine. From now on I'll post much more about my personal style . I just wanted to start the blog with publishing fashion themes from around the world and I'll continue do this, but I'll be representing myself too.

So now here it one of my favourite summer outfits - the flower indian jumpsuit. I found it in a small art boutique in Lisbon last summer and I'm totally in love with it.

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The Verve

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Alternative hair styles 2011

As we've already seen the mainstream trends in hairs this year it's time to have a look at the alternative stylings and colors. So if you are preparing for a wild night out or beach party you can see these crazy hairscuts:



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2011 hair colors

After hairstyle trends it's time see which are the colors in fashion this year. Of course natural browns and blonds are always in. But this year there are three hair colors that are a total hit - white blond, red and dark

White blond

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Hair style trends 2011

Let's see what's in trend this year . 2011 won't be a year in which hair trends are based around adornments and accessories - yes, there'll be headbands, but there'll be a larger push towards styles that are au naturel. I'll separate the different trends according to hair lenght. First is the long hair. 
Here are there some trendy long hairstyles:

Double hair knot
Very easy to do, looking natural and a bit messy. Can be classic and funny. Good for wearing hat above. 
A front view of the hair style as featured on Michael Kors' S/S '11 catwalk

Some tips on how to do it:


Braided topknot
 That one is not so easy but it's not hard too. You just need to know how to do a "fishbone" braid. And you have to do it upside down starting from the neck to the top of the head.
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Tally Weijl freaky bunny

I was just bored and decided to make some widely spread photos that are typical for teenagers. Well, I'm a grown-up teenager and I made two funny pictures. First picture is parody of Tally Weijl, cause of the rabbit. I found in one Indian shop that piece of cloth with pink rabbit that was supposed to be a skirt , but I used it as a top. That pink rabbit reminded me of  Tally Weijl's last year's commercials with a pink rabbit and hot girl on airplane.

So this is my parody of the sweet bunny . My bunny is one little freak :)
Trends from summer 2011 that I'm wearing here: orange and blue

And some stripes that are so in trend this summer  . One Mark and Spencer tunic or maybe dress .
Trends from summer 2011 that I'm wearing here: stripes, bright green