COLORS - summer 2011

Colors for this summer are bright, pure , no milky tones, no dark , no beige. Of course safari style requires the beige as a color , but safari is not only summer tendence. It started to be in trend since last summer so let's put it in 2011 and go on with 2011 newly come colors. White is important too. It dominates in the lace dresses, especially in the collection of Dolce & Gabbana. But bright pure colors, are the most noticable. 
The colors that make up this Spring 2011 color trend are mostly named after flowers: iris, viola, daffodil, poppy, and geranium. Unsurprisingly, should this color scheme take your fancy, this one should be worked into your Spring 2011 wardrobe as a part of your florals.... 
I can't stand to show you this wonderful necklace that includes in itself all of the 2011 colors:

Some abstract colors, not taken from nature:

Classic of course will never fade away.

Subtle colours, bar for the jet black, this is a color trend all about sheen; in effect, luxurious and radiant colors menat to match with your radiant Summer tan.

Swimsuit and lingerie colors 2011

Along with their take on the motifs that we'll be wearing in Spring 2011, Interfiliere have also released their interpretation of the season's colour trends. Their choice for the colours you should be picking for your swimwear and lingerie are an eclectic range of hues, and ones better suited to swimwear than they are to the boudoir.

I will add some more colors not mentioned from the fashionists, but still trendy and wide spread in boutiques in my city. If you want to differ form the crowd and still have a 2011 look,  you can try one of those propositions that I find attractive, and proudly wear them everywhere.


Or orange of the orange :) . I love the combination of bright orange with the 2 blues shown here in first template. So fresh for party and city walk. A good combination is orange short dres and blue scarf . I would use a handbag same color blue and high heels in dark, almost black blue. 

Orange is color which match very well the theme of exotic-etno look. The macrame trends is perfectly suitable for that bright orange. Addicional afro collar looks amazing. Good for beach, for evening coctail and first date.

Look at that macrame dresses, they are so awesome. Orange matches like a twin brother to all of the brownish and beige tones. Just be ready to become one real african queen with this Matthew Williamson dress that I odore and want to own so badly.

Original necklaces in orange suitable with beige, blue, black, green and white outfit,,well and many more probably I just wrote the first coming in my mind.

Good accent for not colorful outfit, like something in grey tones, dark olive green, beige, completely white suit etc. is a pair of orange shoes.

And what about orange pants? Blouse. Perfect fresh accent too. I like the look of Rhianna . I'm amazed that I like orange with pink. I have always found that combination disgusting, but now I see it with new eyes and appreciate its charm, even with that red hair. It's crazy and you sure will make people see you and differ you from the crowd.


This is not in the templates too but it is soo creaming about summer, so great combination with the orange and yellow, and combined with the purple it makes it more playful and extravagant.This green is used in Burberry bikers collection in belts, purses, leather jackets..etc.. Really fresh accent for silver and black leather jackets.I  high recomend it.

I love bright green for paties, for evening walkings, it constrast so well in the night colors, sparkles in the dark and meks you feel chic and unique. But, remember, just an accent. Whole outfit like pants and blouse and everything in green is too much. The greem element in your look must remain only ONE. If your dress is green please don't wear it with green shoes and green something... Talking about shoes look at these fresh models:

And what about some bright green pants?

I love that kind of green tunic with metal belt , look so romantic, classic, minimalistic and gives very sweet look. Suitable for all ages. Makes young girls look negligent and older women exquisite. Look at Kirsten Dunst's "apples" .

And that fabulous piece of Louis Vuitton from spring 2009 is still looking amazing and passes time over 2 years. Yeah, it's not so bright green, but I just find that dress attractive and want to show it here.


I recomend metalic colors for leather accessories, leather jackets, party shoes, handbags. I love the combination of white and silver, green and silver, brown and gold, red and gold, purple and blue with both silver and cold. I found that amazing handbag in one website , but unfortunatelly it's sold out. Very original model, rocker look, elegant, matching with both punky, sporty outfit and elegant evening dress.

This one is not bad too. The chain is a good detail.

Hermes leather bracelets with silver pyramids are great. Again rocky and rebeleous, but still stylish.

And don't forget the everlast punk bracelet with pyramids. Always in trend, always perfect for almost any outfit. Simply classic.

Let's see some silver jackets. I'm always very careful with wearing sparkling materials on me. The line between chic fashion and kitsch is soooo thin that you can never be sure. So carefull with silver and much more careful with cold.

Silver shoes are definetelly for evening and are not good desicion for a daily walk or bissiness meeting. Only for party girls and only for clubs, bars, proms. Of course there are sport shoes in silver which are cool with jeans and many teenagers wear them. But I'm not talking abour sneakers now. There is one Nike hybrid  between high heels and sneaker that I like very much and want to have. This is it:

And some other silver shoes worth seeing:

Gold,,, is hard to combine. I don't like golden jewellery. It is ok for elders but for me it doesn't match my style. As I told, some gold accents may look cool . I love leather bracelets with husked golden covering. Jacket and bag with husked golden layer are trendy too. And when husked, gold doesn't look so loudly.
These are some examples of gold elements looking good.


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