Spring/Summer 2011 what's in trend - The YES group

Well, I was wondering what to be my first post. It was hard to decide, but I think that trends for this summer will be a good start. Let's see first the key looks for this season:  

Just as the '50s and '60s are back, so too are particular elements of the '70s. There are two main aesthetics: '70s bohemian, and '70s sophisticated glamour. When it comes to the latter, think dresses that fall like shimmering water in the evening and high-waist pants with elegant blouses by day.

  Another of the thematic trends for spring / summer 2011, punk carries on from last year to become less of a full blown trend and more one of influence - you'll see its elements impact upon a number of other spring 2011 trends. Which can be a danger: punk fashion is one trend you can't afford to get wrong.

 The silhouettes of the 1950s and 1960s make a strong return, with shapes that accentuate curves and foster femininity. A hip-hugging sheath dress with a below-the-knee hem is the ultimate in hourglass dressing, while the full circle skirt and dress remain at the core of the trend. For Spring 2011 introduce fresh colours, prints and light summery fabrics.

As of spring 2011 the military fashion trend will have been with us for over a decade. And for that decade it's been great, we've loved it, but 10 years later we have to admit: spring 2011 is the time to move on. The question is: what do we move on to? The answer: the trend that's been living in its shadow, waiting for its moment of glory. And for spring / summer 2011 it's going to get just that because here comes the biker trend.

Most of all I like the punk style. I just grew up with that music and way of life. Punk has been an inspiration for me since I have entered in high school. I can proudly say that punk lifestyle built me as a person and made my character what it is today. So thank you my music teenage idols that you made me a decent person with taste. Of course I learned to pick only the elements from this outlook and mix them with any other style. Honestly I have never liked the REAL punk look, it's too kitch for me with all that make up, needles, colors. But if you took just one detail and put it on a classical suit it gives a real taste of fashion and moderate extravagace. So I will make several publications about the punk lifestyle and fashion later in that blog and will try to take it OVERground for bigger appreciation.

. I will show you the main trends separated in two groups: Trends that I find attractive and cool and trends that I find not good looking. So let's start with the YES group for this season.

Lace dress/skirt 

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So the lace can be always in trend.  It looks classy and in the same way it could be  street and punk with the appropriate accessories or with leather jacket. I like it.

Crochet and macrame

To explain better what is macrame I will give you an example with that well-known owls hanging on the walls. I remember them from my childchood. Our family owl was always standing above the mirror in my room and was thinking that he is alive at night. Now I look at that pieces of art with different eyes. I find them really cute, attractive and full of charm. I like the macrame fashion because it has really wild spirit in it. It gives a look of a forest nimph, amazon girl from the tropics. I love that jungle-hot-wild-rebel style. 

And to remind you of my owl felows here they are some of them :) 

Tassels on the shoes, tassels on hte belts, tassels on the handbag, tassels as earrings...Tassels whereever you  put them are in fashion, of course moderately. They have both retro and hippie look. They are suitable for an evening dress, highly officiel and in the same time they can be playful and used for a daily outfit.

Wide-leg pants
 It must be said that wide-leg pants are not for everyone. It's for that reason that they've never been the dominant style to conquer the streets. I don't like them for me, because they make me look too skinny and tall, but I like them on other people. They may be an elegant, stylish addition to your 2011 repertoire.

Capri pants/ cropped above heels
I hate cropped pants in any other form than skinny jeans and biker/rocker style. So they are in YES group just because the new Balmain collection looks so fantastic and punk that I'm totally in love with it. 

Stripes in all size, all colors, they are here for the summer 2011. I prefer the big stripes with lots of colors like those two Vivienne Westwood dresses posted at the end. Well, classical sailor's stripes are always great with boots and jeans. We can call that trend "evergreen".

Jumpsuits & playsuits

Jumpsuits are in trend since 2010, but this year they become more sophisticated and colorful. If the last year hit was the jeans and flowered jumpsuit with simple outlines, today we have really artistic and different styles. I like the Arlekin look of Louis Vuitton here above. It's elegant and has an idea in it. But my favourite for jumpsuits this year is Marc Jacobs with his flowerish, light, exotic suits. Simply wonderful, simply girlish, simply summer. It smells of tropical breeze and sea solt. Here they are. Enjoy.

Leather Harness
By no means an accessory that has to have the softness normally associated with spring and summer, this is an accessory that works with so many of the seasons' other fashions, and yet it remains a controversial accessory. That's because its origins lie with the sexualisation of fashion. But it doesn't have to be sexualised, and it needn't be downplayed either. I find it a bit strange for me to wear, but with proper outfit it could look stylish and escape of the hidden message screaming loud "Slap me bitch, I'm so sado-mazo".

There are so different types of clogs, so for me it's hard to put them in YES group, cause I like and accept only few of the types. All other seem too rural, rough, and unfeminine, uncool, not modern, dull. And please never mistake CLOGS with CROCS!!! Those anti-fashion rubber shit is so annoying that I wanna grab a pair of it and stick it in the ass of their creator (not to mention his name). Wear them at home, in the garden, but please don't go out with them on public places. I don't care how comfortable they are just...... forbid them with law.

Here are some photos of clogs which I like. I will put a photo of my own pair when I start a publication about my wardrobe.

Ok, this the end os YES group of trends for this summer. I'll continue with the NO ones including explanation why they are not OK not only for me, but in general case also.


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