Natalie Shau - pictures from twisted fairy-tales

Natalie Shau is illustrator and photographer from Lithuania (Vilnius). She works mainly in digital media and Natalie’s works are mixture of her photography, digital painting and 3D elements. She enjoys creating surreal and strange creatures, fragile and powerful at the same time. Natalie’s style was influenced a lot by religious imagery, fairytales illustrations classic horror literature and Russian classic literature such as Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nikolai Gogol etc.
Natalie Shau constantly keeps working on her own personal artwork and exhibitions, but also enjoys creating illustrations for music bands, fashion designers and writers.
Myabe some of you have seen her emblematic works that have become very popular in the internet art forums such as But if you've never seen her creations now it's time to have a look. Hope you'll enjoy.
I post these art works cause I find them connected with fashion . Actually they are fashion portrets with great styling, make up and models. Many of these images can be used as an idea for a fashion collection. They represent the goth style that I showed in my last post. So I can say that those pieces of art are fashion and their place is here. 

This is Natalie herself

And her fabulous art



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