Goth glam style - being a fashion star and stay dark at the same time

Well, the logical next post should be about the style that you saw in Gareth Pugh collections - goth-glam. What is a goth glam ot glam goth ? A glam goth is a person who combines current goth styles with high street fashion. They switch baggy bondage trousers for high waisted leather shorts, and ripped tops for black sequined tops. They may still wear goth boots, or simply high heels. There dominant colour is still black, but they add a little sparkle to it. People like-Dita Von teese may come under glam goth. Some people give a defition for glam goth as a vampirish style. All that Twilight fever and modern vampire movies are full of personages dressed in goth glam style. It's shiny, it's classy and bold, a mixture of the 60s sexual revolution and the Frankenstein Gothic vibe. Mini dresses, oversized coats and skinnies were considered basic pillars of Goth Glamor.











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