Alex Box - the best macabre make-up artist

As I mentioned in my previous title, one's a geniuos only he/she's dark minded. If you take tow pieces of art - one with positive meaning and one with negative - in most of the cases the negative art will win among our hearts. Why is that? I don't know the anwser. Maybe when we are sad we are able to think, to get deep in our thought and be creative. It's is logical, when I'm happy I prefer going out, drinking at parties, seeing people and just be happy. I'll never stay in home for hours and hours drawing in a happy mood. My genious is dark too. I can create only with dark mind. My ideas are hidden in the sad thoughts of the night. And all of the great artist of all the time - they've become famous with paintings representing macabre, murderers, gothic ladies, twisted human bodies, dark colors, etc. As a few examples I'll give Picasso's blue period, Dali's morbid dreams, Dega's ballet dancers (yes they have really dark feeling), Giger's alien and biomechanics. Even Mona Lisa is piece of art which is in the dark sphere of color range. 
So the person I want to present now is genious in the field of make-up and is famous for her macabre make up. She is beautiful extraordinary woman with great appearance. Her name is Alex Box. She’s a famous free lance makeup artist, and she’s very very talented. She’s a fashion make up artist, that means she does makeup for catwalks, videos, campaigns and so on for the best designers. She workd for Gareth Pugh , photoshooting for Vogue Italy, Japan, China, she wroked for Dazed&Confused;, and Numero.










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