He can be a boy too - Andrej Pejic

Well, he is so sexy in both genders. But me as a girl can appreciate him more as a boy. I mean when I look at him, even with dress or skirt I see in him one very very beautiful boy. For me there is no doubt. I don't see him as a girl in any of his photos. Honestly I'm really attracted of his sexuality. The strange thing is that when he is with short hair and men shirt I don't find him attractive man. Just normal male model. But when he is with that long blonde hair and leather rocker jacket I'm just near to a heart attact. What a bizarre aura is that - a boy that is so fucking sexy in girl's haircut and jacket. I'm totally amazed. As he is so sexy man even in women's clothes I think it's time to see Andrej Pejic in some more masculine outfits, looking so devilish HOT !!!



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