Last days of summer

Well, as summer is long ago past, I'm still downloading from my camera some photos from the warm days. I have really a lot of work to do in my university and zero time for computer entartaining like this :((( So I'm really sad that I connot be completely envolved with my blog here. But anyways, I'm still alive and kicking and I want to present some of my last summer outfits and then I'll continue with thw winter trends. So take a big glass of Mohito and enjoy the last sun sparkles from September and Octomber.

This is my black and white square retro dress which I found in one second hand store near my neighbourhood, and I love it .

Next is my favourite summer pants from Desigual. They give me so funny mood. I really want to wear them with my winter jacket too .

And my beach tunique of green and white stripes, totally fresh!


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