Cute flowers

As I'm on the flower wave this is my next outfit. I made just one photo of it because I was in hurry. The bad thing about shooting my everyday style is that usually I spend about an hour dressing up and making my makeup, and if I had to spend time on photos before going out this will make whole 2 hours for preparing my going out. :((( Imagine if this is happening in the morning. Also I'm still shooting everything with my amateur camera, so called "soup box". So the pictures are really bad quality. I'm trying to improve them with Photoshop and adding some vintage effects on them. Cause the bad quality looks good and arty only if it is in vintage style. I hope you'll like them and appreciate their "old school" look till I buy a professional camera.

Pants, T-shirt - ZARA
Belt - Stradivarius
Shoes - Kowalski
Necklace - handmade, bought from Tunis
Coat - Unknown unique model


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