Faces of fashion - Asen Asenov

So I was about to continue my rubric "Facebook hunt for pictures", but I realized that I have friends who are so artistic and unique and have so many classy pictures that they deserve their own representation. So from now on, there won't be anymore hunting. There will be FACES OF FASHION. 
I'll star representing my fashionable facebook friends in alphabetical order. So the first one is a boy named Asen Asenov. He is a really good beginning, because he not only has taste and has posted quality fashion photos, but he is also a  young fashion designer. 
A little info about him - Asen is living the Bulgarian town of Targovishte and he is only 18 years old. He became interested in fashion in his early teens and lately this has become his long live dream. Now his last creation - a dress made of hair - is included in photosession with a popular Bulgarian model Svetlana Vasileva.  

This is what Asen says about art and fashion:

"When you live in a grey world like this, you always search something different, and that different thing is my imagination. Imagination is the key to the unsual . You can be everybody, everywhere in every moment."

So I'll present Asen with photos of him , that represent very well his personal style of clothing. Enjoy this young stylish artist and some of his creations :)








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