I'm back :))))

Well it's been two months since I last posted, but I hope from this day this won't happen again. So I had an important task in my life. I came back to my country from France and I had to to continue my study in fashion in a new university here in Bulgaria. So I had a hard time doing lots of lessons and exams and "voila". I'm a proud student in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia.

After I had a deserved vacantion on the seaside I'm back in the routine. From now on I'll post much more about my personal style . I just wanted to start the blog with publishing fashion themes from around the world and I'll continue do this, but I'll be representing myself too.

So now here it one of my favourite summer outfits - the flower indian jumpsuit. I found it in a small art boutique in Lisbon last summer and I'm totally in love with it.


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