Paul Jatayna - The Amazing Prince of the Dead

Well, he is a jewelery designer, but what a jewelery :)... I just can't stop watching those mystical bone-made, dark art items on his web page: 
..But for his art I will open a new topic..
Now for Paul Jatayna himself... He is 23 years old and lives in Manila, Philippines,,, and not only his creations are perfect, but his own style and image is just fucking unearthly! His appearance is dark and some kind magical, when I look at his pictures I have the feeling that I'm traveling in the underground land of the dead,,the beautiful dead. ..In his some-kind trademarks you will see lots of bones, crow skulls, feathers, long black ghost-like sweaters and crazy pants. I totally not love, but ADORE his wardrobe and his works of art... You can check more of him in lookbook under the name of Paul J. and als view his own blog:


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